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Childrentopics.com is Back and I couldn’t be More Excited!

Thanks to all of the loyal followers. Although Childrentopics.com appeared to be dormant for the past year with minimal postings, it is back and we’ll be updating our website weekly with incredible information for parents, children, teachers and individuals interested in keeping up-to-date on children’s/parenting issues.

As readers may recall, the website was launched in 2010 and had amazing articles and postings until the company hosting the site disappeared overnight in 2011 without a word to the authors. This was a very hectic time for me as my late husband was struggling with brain cancer and my focus was on providing hospice care to him, raising my children and providing for my family.¬†Childrentopics.com is my labor of love. It doesn’t generate an income therefore during the time referenced, I had to work on income producing ventures and have been since that time in order to provide for me and my family.

Having said all of this, I am happy to announce that I am back in a position to focus not only on my family and other ventures, but on Childrentopics.com as well.

Author, Randa Roberts

Author, Randa Roberts

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