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Males Dressing for Success: Teenage Fashion Do’s & Don’ts for Males

Sawyer Sr Photo (Leaning on Flag)Guys, guys, guys – Why? Why? Why do you leave the house looking like you climbed out of your bed having spent the night in the clothes that you’re planning to wear to school?  Why do you make your hair look like your dogs after rolling around in a pile of something in the backyard?  Is this REALLY how you’re hoping to impress for success?

Honestly guys, while girls may “pretend” to like the way you look, that is exactly what they are doing – they’re pretending – in order to maintain your attention.  It’s a competitive thing among girls.  Let me ask you, how many of you guys would find a girl that climbed out of bed wearing the same clothes to school looking like she’d slept in them, and walked out the door?  No makeup, no general hygiene considerations, nothing done to the hair – maybe a baseball cap of sorts placed on top, etc….I think you get the point.  Well, guess what….girls are not particularly impressed either.

Whatever happened to wanting to look nice?  Sadly, in most teens, it seems to be a thing of the past.  It does not have to be and certainly it should not be.  Girls prefer guys who demonstrate good hygiene.  They like Males Start Dressing Goodguys that have fresh breath, pearly white teeth, a nice complexion, neat hair and well manicured nails.  And believe me when I say that these “traits” are not just noticed by the older generation.  Girls, as young as second grade who have begun to notice “boys” look for these things and discuss them with their friends.  It doesn’t end there either.  “Looking”, just as with boys, is something girls will do even when you don’t think they are noticing you.  In fact, girls are keeping a running tabulation of EVERYTHING you do, say and wear.  It’s what we do.  And we do it well.

In today’s teenage generation, it seems boys like wearing ragged jeans which aren’t always a bad thing unless they are bagging off the butt or worse, secured with a belt beneath the butt.  Shirts tucked in????  What is that all about?  Boys tend to wear t-shirts with all sorts of “junk” written on them.  Some are alright, while others are downright offensive.  Their hair doesn’t seem to receive much attention either, other than perhaps a wash job.  I’ve seen guys with more hair than girls, flashback to the 70’s, and it isn’t pretty.  Split ends, “rat’s nests, oily, frizzy – you name it because it seems anything goes these days.

Taking pride in yourself and the way you appear to others speaks volumes about who you are.  In fact Males Fashion Police baggyresearch has been conducted and evidence found to suggest that what you wear does make a difference in how you influence the world around you.  By appearing frumpy, you exude laziness, a “don’t care” attitude, even an aura of “slob” to some observers.  Is this really the image you want to be sending to the cute little cheerleader, the girl in drama club or the “cutie” on the volleyball team that you’ve got your eye on?  I should hope not.  In fact, you need to consider that fact that if you want her to “look back” you might want to “look better!”

So, having shared with you the “female” mind and how we actually “dress you” when we’re summing you up, here are a few fashion tips that you should consider BEFORE walking out the door.

  • Show that you actually care & try in the morning. Begin with simple hygiene.  BRUSH & FLOSS your teeth.  Bad breath is a really BAD reflection of YOU and pretty much sums it up that you are just plain lazy.  Even if you’re in a hurry, this shouldn’t be left off the list of “basics”.   Do something to your hair other than towel drying it unless you are one of the few that are lucky enough to be able to towel dry and go. (Occasionally get a haircut to trim off the dry ends, or even shape your “hair” into some sort of style besides “anything goes”.)  Image is everything to teenage girls.  Wear deodorant.  Why would you even consider walking out the door without it?  Enough said.  If you have acne, consider a facial hygiene program that will help dry up and eliminate pimples.  To many girls, this can be a major turn-off.  Do something to allow you to be seen and not the “bumps” all over your face.  And this doesn’t mean that if you have pimples, you’ll go unnoticed or be ignored by the girls.  Try focusing on other areas such as your wardrobe and style.
  • Dress for success. Try to dress like you mean it.  In other words, know who you are and what youMales Dressing for Success like and dress accordingly.  It doesn’t matter if you are punk, rock, preppy, hip-hop or whatever other fashion trend you choose to emulate.  Dress like you mean it but don’t mean too many things.  You may like many different styles, just don’t try to wear them simultaneously as this will send the message that you’re really confused.  Dressing fashionably in a girl’s eyes does not mean that your shoes have to match your belt.  What it does mean is that you made an effort to look “put together”.  You might have ironed the button down shirt to remove the wrinkles, or perhaps you coordinated your colors better than usual (no more burgundy with brown), maybe you decided to layer or accessorize.  Believe it or not, it’s the little things that will get noticed and make a difference in your fashion savvy image to others.
  • Buy quality clothes (classic in nature) and take good care of them. Unless you are growing like a beanstalk, you should be able to get several months out of your clothes without them appearing torn and tattered.  Washing them according to the care instructions will preserve not just the color but the shape and fabric of your clothes.  If you focus on “classics” you can update your wardrobe by adding a few trendy items and accessories without breaking the bank.
  • Colors are important when choosing clothes. Choose colors that both compliment and contrast.  Colors that compliment would be shades that are similar and will provide you a more subtle look like blue and green or khaki and gray.  Colors that contrast will “play off” each other.  For example, black and white or denim and red.  You might also consider colors that will compliment you.  If you’re red headed, a red turtleneck or v-neck shirt might not be the way to go.  Choose colors that will enhance your skin tones, eye color and hair color.  It’s that important.
  • Okay, I know I said that girls don’t really expect your shoes and belt to match, but it doesn’t hurt andMales Accessorize some girls do look at this in a guy’s ensemble.  Of course, if you’re wearing tennis shoes and a belt, you’ll have to work it out the best way possible.  Necklaces are also a good look and can be found to coordinate with any style you choose.  Don’t rule out your St. Christopher, Cross or other jewelry representative of your beliefs.  Remember, you should dress to reflect “WHO” you are and this includes accessories.  Accessories include hats – but keep them to a minimum.  If you’re constantly sporting a cap of some type, girls don’t really know what you’re sporting under the cap.  Caps are cool – just in moderation.  Finally, cool shades can say a lot about your fashion sense.  But, for just as fashionable as they can make you appear, they can also make you look like a real chump.  Wear them when it’s appropriate.  In class, the lunchroom, or gym….not so much.
  • Experiment with fashion and different styles as there are so many to choose from. But Males Options for clothingremember, make sure the “style” fits “who” you are inside.  If you’re a skateboarder, showing up in cowboy boots, jeans and a cowboy hat may be a little out there.  Sure, the outfit might look great – just not great on you.  Try Urban; Prep; Sophisticated; Artsy; Punk; Surfer; Retro: and Modern.  Try to mix different looks but keep it real.
  • When choosing your clothes, especially your pants, you’ll want to consider the fit of the pants – especially denim. STAY AWAY from jeans that are tapered (fitted at the ankle) as this should be an absolute NO! Girls like pants that are slightly loose-fitted in the leg with a bit of a boot-cut ankle.  These are usually always flattering to your physique whether tall, thin, muscular, or thick.

It is always good to know what things to “stay away” from when choosing your wardrobe and the fashion personality that reflects who you are.  As a rule of thumb, avoid the following:

  • Dressing baggy from head-to-toe …not a fashion statement that you’ll want to burden yourself with. Guys don’t like girls in “Tent Dresses” and dressing baggy is the equal of this fashion “No No”.  Wearing t-shirts that hang almost to your knees or even below your butt make your legs look three inches long.  What’s that about?  And wide-legged jeans make you look nothing more than wide – not athletic, muscular, or physically fit.  Just wide.
  • DON’T wear athletic socks with non-athletic shoes – get the point? This fashion statement Males Dressing horribly wrongscreams “HELP ME” and “I’M A NERD”.  Wear the proper sock or NOT with the proper shoe.  Just in case you didn’t get this one…Athletic socks don’t work with loafers, oxfords, leather boots, and most of all leather sandals.  NEVER, EVER, EVER (unless you’re a sixty-five year old retiree from Jersey living in Miami Beach).

So guys, I hope that these simple tips will help you realize “What Girls Want” when looking to establish the “new you”.  It’s not rocket science it’s pure chemistry.

For tips on dressing smarter, and looking smarter in your “duds”, check out fashion(s) that you see on TV, Movies, fashion magazines, or even when walking through department stores.  Go online and check out “what” and “how” some of your favorite actors dress.  There are countless ways to “dress for success”.  You just need to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Here is a good place to start: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dress-sharp-tips-young-men/

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