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Back to Basics with Childrentopics.com

Children Topics from A to Z Series

Welcome home to Childrentopics.com.  Although a different look, it contains the same amazing content.  As most of you probably know by now, I took Childrentopics.com another direction and published some of the topics in book format. Children Topics from A to Z:  A Guide for Tackling Tough Issues is now a 5-Part book series which focuses on tips, strategies and methods to assist parents, teachers, grandparents and individuals working with children.  I did this for many reasons, most notably to provide individuals without computers the same opportunity as others to enjoy and learn from the materials that I’ve written and shared.

As of October 2017, three books in the series has been published and is available by visiting www.randaleeroberts.com where the books can be ordered in eBook format, and both softcover and hardback editions or you may order your copies at Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles, or other online book dealers.  Each volume in the series is complete with topics that begin with the letter A and continue up to the letter Z, hence the title, for instance A – ADD, B – Banishing Blemishes, etcetera.  Each book in the series will also include multiple topics beginning with the same first letter.  Finally, each volume is a compilation of topics that will provide an overall resource for a parent with children of different ages.

The book series may have the name altered in the future as when publishing books and advertising in various places, i.e. Google, Amazon, due to my recent discovery that when advertising printed media, the name of this series is grammatically incorrect therefore it doesn’t receive the same exposure as books entitled with grammatically correct names such as the exposure the books if the title is modified to reflect Children’s Topics from A to Z would receive.  I will post an update to the name change when it is determined and updated with the Library of Congress, Copyright Office.

You may also notice if you visit my author’s website, www.randaleeroberts.com, many books that

What to Do When Lightning Strikes

I’ve written and had published within the past two years includes titles on health and wellness/weight loss, children’s books, and books that include special illnesses and touch upon a variety of other topics.

Later this year, you can expect Volume 4 in the parenting series, Children Topics from A to Z as well as the release of the companion meal planning book, Get the Real “Skinny” on Healthy Weight Loss – Commit to a Lifestyle Modification and Get Results – Meal Planner, along with a book on Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Although I wasn’t able to release all that was planned for release during 2017, I will continue to publish my books and will announce their release here on Childrentopics.com as well on my Author’s Website found at www.randaleeroberts.com.

Thank you for visiting this site as I will continue to provide excellent articles for readers.

Randa Lee Roberts, Author


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