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Surfing Turtle Books Author Photo MainI was born and given the name Randa Lee Roberts on September 24, 1963, in Tallahassee, Florida, the eldest of four girls.  During my early childhood years, I had the opportunity to travel the United States due to my father’s entrepreneurial endeavors.  I got to live in many unforgettable places including a farm in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay; Northern, Central and Southern California where both the mountains and beaches were within a few hours drive; and the tropical delights as experienced like no other place as in Florida or coastal regions throughout the world.  It was during these travels that I had many adventures, undoubtedly fueled by my unwavering curiosity, and desire to “see it all” and write about it.  I wrote and had published several poems when I was in the fourth grade which fueled my desire to write a novel one day.

I completed my high school years in Florida, graduating in 1981 from Leon High being dual enrolled at Florida State University.  I transferred to the University of Florida taking Architecture and Interior Design courses but changed direction my senior year graduating with multiple degrees in both Elementary and Early Childhood Education.  While in attendance at the University of Florida, I had an amazing opportunity to further my desire to write as the Editor of the College Newspaper, in which I also wrote several stories and articles for publication.  Immediately upon graduating, I began teaching elementary school.  It was the perfect career choice and offered me more opportunities for creativity than any other career imaginable with the end result being amazing personal enjoyment and satisfaction.  In the classroom I utilized literature as my primary teaching tool making both books and my student’s imaginations come alive.  It is due to my student’s positive emotional and academic responses and success to my teaching methodology that I began writing books to enhance my curriculum.  As a result of my love of reading and sharing the excitement that it brings me and that it brought my former students that I decided to publish my stories.

In 1994, I gave birth to my first son followed by the birth of my second son in 1996.  It was at this time that I retired from the classroom and focused my efforts on writing children’s literature, utilizing my graphic design skills to work from home while spending every opportunity learning from and enjoying my children.

In 2013, after some traumatic life experiences, I begin Think Pink Tickets, an online business (http://www.thinkpinktickets.com) that sells live event tickets such as concerts, sporting events, live theatre, musicals and so much more. The mission of this business is to give back and to help make a difference in the lives of those suffering with breast cancer by donating to BCRF and the research and awareness programs that they fund to help find a cure and assist those whose lives have already been touched in some way.

Today, I focus my time and energy on my now young adult sons, while “tapping” into my creative side through the written word through my parenting website, http://www.childrentopics.com, while writing non-fiction books such as Surviving Cancer: A Caregiver’s Guide to Survival One Step at a Time, Get the Real Skinny on Healthy Weight Loss: Commit to a Lifestyle Modification and Get Results, and Children Topics from A to Z: A Guide for Tackling Tough Issues series a 5-volume set written for parents, teachers, caregiver’s and anyone working with children.  All of my books can be viewed on my Author’s Website, http://www.randaleeroberts.com which includes all books scheduled for release as well as release dates in 2016.

It is my desire that through my words and stories, my readers will find the magic, mystery and adventure that I experienced as a child and perhaps become inspired one day to share their own stories of life lived for others to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you’ll visit again.

Randa Lee Roberts